Design Professional Risk Management Resources

What separates a specialist insurance broker from a generalist, and makes us more like your team's risk manager is our intimate knowledge of the industry and the specific risks faced by design firms.  

For architecture, engineering, land surveying, construction management, environmental and technical consulting firms, managing your risk internally is the number one way you can reduce claims, mitigate problems on projects, and reduce your insurance costs. 

Claims cost a lot of money. Not only in indemnity and settlement payments, but defense expenses, attorneys fees, and even "soft costs" can add up fast. The best way to manage claims is to avoid them entirely. Through the combination of our proprietary resources and those of our partners, our clients have the resources and training opportunities to effectively manage their risk.

On a design and construction project, not all risk is avoidable. You control the quality of your services and the effectiveness of your communication. The harsh reality is that you can do everything right and still find yourself involved in a dispute.

At Promark Partners, our work for you doesn’t stop when the policy is issued. We take a proactive and holistic approach to either helping your firm establish a risk management program, or supplementing your current program to help you control the things you can, so you have the added resources available to deal the things you can't. 

  • In-house contract review
  • Detailed risk review and analysis
  • Detailed coverage analysis and insurance program comparisons
  • Comprehensive contracting guide
  • Custom risk management training seminars and webinars
    • Certified AIA providers
  • Access to Promark and insurance carrier and partner resources
    • publications
    • libraries
    • recorded webinars
    • newsletters
  • Expert claims management
  • Certificate and client management services
  • Online access to policies and certificates through our Client Portal
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