Travelers Podcast Series: Submittals Part II

Travelers Podcast Series: Submittals Part II

A Risk Management Resource for Design Professionals

15 Minutes on Construction Contract Administration:

Submittals Part II

…I think what's important is to look at what your contract says. What is your obligation in the contract regarding submittal review? Both AIA and EJCDC documents say in essence that you shall review submittals and approve or take other appropriate action but for the limited purposes of checking for the general conformance with the requirements of the contract documents.

Certificates of insurance, shop drawings and test results are just a few of the types of submittals the design team will receive before, during and after construction is completed. And arguably the submittal schedule is the most important submittal the design team should receive. Most standard design and construction contracts acknowledge the importance of the submittal review process and outline procedures of the project participants to follow. However, it is not uncommon for project partisans to deviate or abandon these requirements putting the project and the project participants at risk. Design professional need to recognize the warning signs and what steps can be taken to minimize professional liability risk.

Podcast moderated by Sarah Chambers, Esq., Senior Claim Counsel at Travelers and featuring Joseph H. Jones, Jr., AIA, Esq., Director of Risk Management at Travelers as key speaker.

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