Travelers Podcast Series: Change Orders

Travelers Podcast Series: Change Orders

A Risk Management Resource for Design Professionals

15 Minutes on Construction Contract Administration:

Change Orders

…there will always be changes on a project. The only project that never has a change order is the one that never gets built. So recognize that this is part of the process. Look at your contract and makes sure that the general conditions mirror with your contract obligations regarding the change order process.

The old saying goes, “The only project that did not have any change orders was the project that was never built.” Design professionals cannot reasonably foresee all issues that may arise during construction, nor can any members of the construction team, so change orders are a normal and vital part of any construction project. The project owner, the construction team and the design team all have vital roles in processing change orders. Design professionals need to understand these roles and how to recognize and minimize the risk of professional liability.

Podcast moderated by Andrew Treloar, Esq., Claim Counsel at Travelers and featuring Joseph H. Jones, Jr., AIA, Esq., Director of Risk Management at Travelers as key speaker.

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